Halloween Swing Thing


Those pumpkins are very, very green. I guess I was going for ugly colors and seemingly slapped-on vector art to represent this Halloween swing dancing event I attended last year. Admittedly, I made some elements for this piece earlier; I think I spent too much time staring at my vector graphics. I’ll do something cooler next Thursday, I promise.

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Castlewood Park


The color palette got a little crazy as I was working on this. Anyway, this illustration is somewhat based off Castlewood State Park in St. Louis, Missouri. Sadly, it’s not a very accurate depiction of the park; there isn’t really a giant, pink castle…or pink trees – Ha!

As I was creating this fun piece with this Hide & Seek cover playing in the background (slightly obsessed with it at the moment), it made me think of young and innocent times with the geometric shapes and chalky colors. I will not-so-cleverly title this Castlewood Park, brought to you by my funky, punky cotton candy attitude.

Currently listening to: Hide & Seek – Amber Run (Imogen Heap cover)