Take Me Away


Well. I’m currently exploring Washington, D.C., so there’s not a whole lot of time to create. Here’s a throwback! Happy Thursday.

Currently listening to: About Rain –  Sequoyah Prep School

Color it by eye.


Ever heard of the saying play it by ear? Yeah. Does this piece make sense? Maybe not, or…maybe it does, and you have to really think about it. Or, maybe I should up my wordplay game. Heh. 😉

Currently listening to: Chin Up – Copeland

Heart Space


Happy Thursday! In contrast to my digital illustration, here’s an acrylic piece where my brushstrokes are loose and uneven, and I think that’s okay. That’s just my ‘go-for-it’ mentality, and me telling myself not to overthink when I’m in the process of creating. My purpose (to paint and express) is all the same. (And yes! I tilted my canvas.)

Currently listening to: Teasing to Please – Cute Is What We Aim For