I’m sorry, I’m lost.


I have lost my way many times in this bizarre and unfamiliar maze called ‘Life’. No one forgets the things you did, no one understands why you did the things you did, but most importantly, no one forgives you for justifying the reasons behind your actions. Now, as I stand at the edge of a cliff, ready to take a plunge into the unknown, I cry out to anybody who’s still listening. I apologize for one last time: I’m sorry, I’m lost.

Currently listening to: The sound of my computer units buzzing.

I’m sorry, I’m lost.

5 thoughts on “I’m sorry, I’m lost.

  1. Focus on just breathing and listening to the sound of your breath for five minutes (even time yourself if that helps). Re-grounding is key to finding your way again. It’s not the answer, but will give you space to find it. Take care.

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  2. She doesn’t seem so lost to me, in the painting. It’s a narrow edge that she sits on, but she doesn’t seem to be afraid.

    I think it’s just the night time talking to her. By the time that sun fully rises, I think she’ll walk right back and feel just fine again.

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  3. This is when the magic of blogging helps. There are days I honesty feel as if I can’t do it anymore. It’s a life long fight since I was very young. The good news is that you are amongst a very significant group of people who truly do understand. Getting and staying mentally and emotionally well is a never ending process that, at times, feels like a part time job. Get in touch if you’d like.

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