55 thoughts on “Color it by eye.

  1. If you apply the concept of color theory to painting in that placing certain colors next to each other can give you interesting effects. For example if you place blue next to yellow both will appear green.

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    • That is a very interesting perception! Visually, you can very easily trick the eye in to seeing anything you choose and get different results. My example is shadowing/highlighting–using black/white usually tends to dirty colors, but using combination of color (applying concept of color theory as you mentioned) will give it a more intriguing look and keeps the vibrancy of the colors. Fun technique!

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  2. The old masters such as Rembrandt and Vasquez painted with a limited palette with very muted colors including using black. The results was a feeling of lots of color. But if you place one of these artists in the same room with Monet all of a sudden Rembrandt and Velazquez’ work look muddy and lifeless. Our brains are hardwired to see color even when it’s not there.

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    I find something abstract, bizarre, and whimsical compared to all of the bash the world commentary. My parents used to do and it irked me then. I try to resist the temptation. My heart goes out to young people and what it must be like to be around so much embellishment everywhere. Reality is still the ?. So keep asking what the source is when everyone claims they have the answer. How can there be one answer in such a complicated world?

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  4. malloryadamsblog says:

    I love these colorful flowers. When I looked at it and thought about your pun. I thought to myself… I am not really good at playing things by ear instead I have to see things happening with my own eyes. 🙂

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  5. wordsthatinspireblog says:

    I’m not sure where the phrase came from but growing up we had a blind person tune our piano. My Mother always said it’s because their ability to hear was perfected with the loss of sight so I always thought that was the meaning.

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  6. ExploringDutchi says:

    Amazing art! Really great. I would definitely want to see more of those great pieces of art, so please continue!!! I might even share some of them, love it.

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  7. I enjoy this piece. It makes me think of the saying stop to smell the roses. I know the saying is not necessarily about the eyes linguistically speaking but the depth of the saying alludes to similar perspectives the same way your artwork does. Kudos

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