There is great satisfaction in doing things entirely for your own sake. I am very happy when I am able to express myself through my art. It helps get me in the right headspace (with awesome music and tasty snacks involved). I spend a lot of time browsing reddit and other art channels, and I love viewing artwork by others.

I am challenging myself to dedicate time to doing something I love by completing one painting a week (new painting every Thursday). I want to continue doing something I love. That is ultimate satisfaction for me.

1 new painting/artwork every Thursday.

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  1. I like your idea of a self imposed deadline of a Thursday to produce your art . Are you finding that you are able to produce something every week and what happens if you arent happy it ?


    1. Hey there. Producing art is something I’m most passionate about; it’s important to me to keep doing that it – which is why I want to make time. Not only does this project motivate me to create more, it also allows me to express what I’m thinking in ways I can never with words. And to answer your last question, very truthfully, I will always feel like I can do more, but I think that’s the point of art and the imperfectness of it. To me, it’s similar to a person growing and learning – you will never be done with new experiences and learning.

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      1. There is no reason a great artist can’t be a productive artist , starving in a garrett and self destructing in a tortured soul kinda groove seems so unneccesary these days .I look forward to following your process and progress . If you ever start to dread your Thursday deadline then it’s counterproductive but you sound like you’ve got tonnes of art inside you just bursting to get out , thankyou for sharing , I for one am fascinated .


  2. Rebecca says:

    Similarly, I’ve challenged myself to make one garment per week. Although I haven’t fully committed, I have published the end result every Thursday as well. Looking forward to seeing your paintings!


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